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Dreams of Dragons Fire ~*~ TieMeDown Remix

Title: Dreams of Dragon's Fire (The TieMeDown Remix)
Author: Desdemona (desdemona371 at yahoo dot com)
Summary: Remus just has to find out if the Dragon can be tamed, even if he must force the issue.
Rating: Hard R / Light NC-17
Pairing: Remus / Lucius
Warnings: Mild bondage
Spoilers: None
Author you were assigned: Adrienne (bluerosefairy on LJ)
Thanks to: Adrienne, for a great drabble to work with, and musesfool for running this cool comm, and everyone for being patient and not tarring and feathering me for being late. Speaking of, I'm sorry! RL came in and bit me on the arse :( So I hope you like it...


Original Drabble:

It's ironic, Remus thinks, that the man's son is named Draco. It should have been him. The man who could breathe fire in a kiss and burn with a touch. He has always wondered what it would be like to try and tame a man like that. If he were foolhardy, he would try. However, Remus knows that the dragon-man would never 'lower' himself to touch a werewolf. But it doesn't stop him from picturing the flash of steel-gray eyes and pale limbs intertwining with his own. Doesn't stop him from imagining that cultured voice roughened by passion. Doesn't stop him from dreaming of Lucius Malfoy.



Remus meandered over the extensive grounds in front of Lucius Malfoy's sprawling estate. He shouldn't be here, he knew that. But that fact didn't really bother him.

After all, he wanted to be caught.

He didn't have to wait long. Hounds bayed in the distance, coming closer. Dogs. Remus pondered, wandering a little closer to the house. Of course, Lucius would have dogs.

The Rottweilers ran menacingly up to him, stopping abruptly several yards away. Remus stood there, got out a cigarette and lit it, watching intently as the creatures tried to process just what it was about this person, this odd-smelling sort-of-man, sort-of-not.

Evidently they decided the better of it. Lupin shook his head and snickered as the dogs loped away, whimpering slightly. He knew their master wouldn't be pleased with them, but it wasn't really his problem. Lucius should get security that didn't balk at Dark Creatures.

Not that Remus could really blame them. Pack animals, and all that.

He finished his cigarette and dropped it in an ornamental pond; The gold-red fish swam away, perturbed. Remus suddenly had an attack of conscience. Bending down, he fished the stub out of the water, catching his reflection in the rippling surface.

He looked nice, he knew. Handsome, even. He'd always been good looking. The whole lycanthropy thing had proven to temper that, in his own estimation. He didn't consider himself desirable, not on the whole. And he tried to discourage others from seeing him like that, whether from neglecting his appearance intentionally or just by being unapproachable, appearing snobbish or uninterested when in fact he was neither.

But he'd come here today looking his best. He'd need that edge if he was to make any impression on Malfoy. The man was a hedonist, it was obvious from the studied cadence of his voice, to the styled sleek ponytail he tended to wear, to the meticulous decadence of his clothing, his home, his wife, his son...

Remus didn't imagine his appearance would overcome the man's distaste for his non-human status, but it might be a foot in the door, so to speak.

Hearing a commotion, Remus straightened and turned. Three burly looking wizards bore down on him. He could have dodged, he was almost certainly quicker than they, but that would defeat the purpose.

His smile was faint but noticeable as the stunning spells hit, and by the time the wizards tackled him and began dragging him toward the mansion, Remus had lost consciousness.


"Well, well, well. Imagine that."

Remus managed not to smile as he woke from his unnatural sleep. That voice.

Regardless of the dire circumstances, That Voice was That Voice, and Remus reveled in it, not even opening his eyes, wanting all of his other senses to yield to his hearing.

"Why, I wonder, would Remus Lupin be wandering my estate uninvited? Of course, uninvited. Why would you ever be welcome here?"

The sneering tone sent a shiver down Remus' body. Unable to hold off anymore, he opened his eyes and gazed at Lucius Malfoy.

Oh, yes, He thought. I was right to think of him as the Dragon. So gorgeous, so haughty, so deadly...

"I..." He began, only to be cut off by a swift hit of Lucius' cane. His shin exploded in pain and he gasped. Remus instinctively tried to move his leg, but found he could not. The realization that he was fastened to a table of some sort dawned on him. He wasn't sure whether to rejoice at this or be terrified. It depended on what happened from here. He made himself listen to Lucius, rather than wonder what this was leading to.

"You will speak when I give you leave to speak, Lupin." Lucius returned his cane to the floor and leaned upon it, a faint smile playing on his lips. "And I don't..." He lifted a long, pale hand and ran it up Remus' leg.

Well, That's unexpected... Remus thought. Maybe he cleaned up better than he thought? The hand reached his thigh and stopped.

"I don't give you leave to speak, Lupin. I don't want to know why you were traipsing around my grounds, as if you belonged there, as if you'd a right to be there, breathing my air." The hand moved up Remus' hip to skim over his shirt, stopping at the top button, just resting there. "The why doesn't matter. You don't belong here, Werewolf. You've sullied my environment with your tainted presence, and for that, you must be punished."

Remus drew his eyebrows together, frowning.


Malfoy removed his hand and Remus sighed slightly. Lucius made no comment; either he hadn't noticed or he'd chosen to ignore it. "Yes, punished." He lifted his cane and tapped the silver snake against his lips.

Moments passed, Remus getting more nervous, less sure that this had been a good idea, envisioning silver collars and scourges with little bits in them, shredding his skin. Or just a quick Avada, that would at least be painless.

He wanted Lucius, but was he prepared to die trying to get him? Did it matter, now, anyway? He was here, Malfoy doubtless had many, many minions ready to handle the situation if Remus tried to harm their master. It was all up to Malfoy now.

Lucius sighed and returned his cane to the floor. He leaned in, close enough for Remus to feel hot breath on his face, smell the spicycleandark scent of the other man, but not just that, he smelled something else, as well...The scent was one he had been familiar with since he'd come into his own, since he'd gotten his height, his slender but muscled body, the face and eyes that so many others had told him were much more than average, even if he himself had a hard time seeing it.


Remus forced himself not to make any move or change his bland expression at all. No need to let the dragon know he'd been found out.

Malfoy stared at Remus. Remus stared back. Only inches separated them, and Lucius' voice floated softly between them, caressing Remus' face as the words flowed over him.

"You're far too beautiful to be what you are, Lupin. How much more appropriate if you'd been an ugly troll of a man, instead." He brought his hand up and ran it through Remus' hair. "As it is, I wonder...You're fully human, at least on the outside, right now, yes? The full moon is two long weeks away, as you know. You're as human as you'll ever be, right now. Is the wolf far from you now, Lupin, or is he hiding, just under the surface?" Malfoy cocked his head and blinked. "Speak, werewolf."

Remus looked at Lucius blandly. Speak? He'd no need to obey at this point. Malfoy's desire for him hung heavy around them. Remus doubted the other man would harm him, at least not at this moment. He smiled slowly at Lucius, not answering the question.

Malfoy moved back just a bit. "I see. Obstinate, are we?" He clenched his hand in Remus' hair, causing Lupin to gasp slightly, bringing an unpleasant smile to Malfoy's face. "Well?"

Remus valued his hair. He really didn't want it ripped out, and pain was not a particular kink of his.

"I don't know." Remus answered, honestly. On these days, the wolf was as far from him as it could ever be, but he was still there, watching, waiting, hoping Remus would allow him a little leeway, a little control.

"I see. So, tell me, then, why are you here? I sincerely hope you weren't trying to spy on me; You may be an animal, but I never took you for a fool." Malfoy moved his hand in Remus' hair, bringing the other up to begin unbuttoning his shirt.

Does he want to torture me or fuck me? Does he think those would be the same thing? Remus thought, wondering if a little pain would be worth being close to Lucius, feeling him next to him, inside him, over him.

Remus makes a snap decision.

Honesty. It's worth a shot.

"I'm here because I've been thinking of you for months. I've been wondering why you named your son 'Draco,' when it's so obvious you're the dragon in your family. I've been imagining if it would burn to kiss you, even as I know it would burn for you to thrust inside me. I've been wondering whether the wolf could tame the dragon, or if it would be the other way around." He smiled seductively. "I've been wondering if you'd lower yourself to fuck me."

Malfoy drew back, a look of mingled surprise and disgust on his face. Remus inhaled and smiled. Even those conflicting emotions couldn't quell the heavy scent of desire that still hung around Lucius, if anything even heavier after Remus' confession.

Malfoy frowned deeply, then a slow smile spread over his face. A cruel smile, a mocking smile, but a smile, nevertheless. He returned to Remus and positioned both hands on Lupin's shirt. One quick tug and buttons flew, Remus' chest bared, Malfoy's hands kneading and rubbing his skin in a less than gentle manner.

His cultured voice held a roughness Remus had only imagined in his dreams, and he couldn't help but moan softly at the combination of hands on him and that tone. "Lower myself...I'd hate to think I could condemn your kind as distasteful without ever actually...Tasting one..." Lucius leaned in and licked Remus chest.

Lupin had to admit, Lucius' actions shocked him. He clenched his hands, wishing he could move his arms, yet oddly grateful that he was tied down and thus unable to do anything observe.

Lucius bit hard on his nipple, and Remus cried out. "Hey, don't like pain..." He gasped.

Lifting his head, Malfoy smirked. "I am not really interested in what you enjoy, Lupin. You say you desire me, and I will allow that I find you very attractive." His hand skated down Remus' chest to begin unbuttoning his trousers. "But I do this for me, not for you. You may consider yourself an emissary for all werewolves, Lupin. Prove to me your kind is worth something, even if it is only on account of your tight, hot arse." He slid his hand into Remus' pants and began stroking the hard shaft he found there; He had to admit to himself that he was pleased and impressed; the werewolf was certainly not lacking in this area.

Remus nodded and watched. He'd no problem with anything Malfoy had said. He wanted to fuck the man, it wasn't as if he loved him or anything. He didn't even like him. He just thought he was very, very sexy and probably amazing in bed. His type usually were, Remus had found.

Remus' thoughts were interrupted when Malfoy leaned over and kissed him hard, harsh and rough and wild, his hand moving swiftly on Remus' cock. Lupin moaned into the kiss, clenching his hands, straining against his bonds, toes pointing, skin breaking out in a cold sweat. How he wanted to bury his hands in that glorious mane of hair, but he wouldn't. He could probably break the restraints, but he'd not risk angering Malfoy. He was getting what he'd wanted.

He'd keep to Malfoy's terms.

Maybe he'd even get a repeat performance if he managed to please Malfoy enough. Playing the fucktoy had never come naturally to Remus; his natural inclination was to dominance. But for Lucius, for this, it was worth it.


Remus lie panting and bruised, his head hurt from banging it repeatedly on the hard table beneath him. Malfoy had wanted to find out if 'his kind' were worth anything, and he'd gotten his answer.

He'd gotten his answer several times.

Then he'd left. He'd left, and Remus had started to wonder if he would lie here forever. If Malfoy was just taking a break. If he'd need to force the bonds to break, try to get out of here, wherever here was, without getting killed by Malfoy's small army of security wizards.

Remus decided to compromise. He broke free of his restraints, then sprawled carelessly on the table. He'd show Lucius he was here because he chose to be.

Smiling lazily, Remus pondered his actions. He had acted rashly, he knew. It had been so worth it, he decided. Risky, yes, but a risk that had paid off. Paid off in a big way, because he'd scented something from Lucius, something very strong by the fourth time the older man had fucked him.

Need, and surprise.

Now he didn't have to wonder. Now he knew.

The Dragon will never be tamed. Not even the Wolf can tame him. And the Wolf won't be subdued, either. He'd chosen to bow to Lucius; He'd bared his neck of his own volition. A draw.

Remus smiled. It was as it should be.

A noise brought his attention to the only door leading into the room. He glanced over as Lucius Malfoy swaggered back into the room, naked, beautiful, hard, hair flowing around him, perfect. The blond stopped and took in Remus lying there, unfettered, yet still where Lucius had left him.

Remus raised an eyebrow. Lucius did nothing for a few heartbeats, then his own sculpted eyebrow rose, mirroring Remus' as a small smile played about his expression.

The grin that overtook Remus was one of profound relief.

It will be okay, he suddenly knew. Very okay.

Lucius' voice flowed over him.

"Ready for round two, Lupin?"

He was. And he loved it.


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