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The Remus Remix

because werewolves need love too

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Okay, generally speaking a "remix" is when you take someone else's story and rewrite it as your own. You can change POV, tense, structure, etc. See the Remix/Redux archive for examples.

The Remus/Remix is special because all the stories will focus on Remus Lupin in some way or another.

Slash, het, gen - it's all good, though as in the Remix/Redux, there will be no hetifying of slash, no slashifying of het, etc. Authors have discretion, of course, but if it's obvious that the drabble you're assigned is a Remus/Tonks fic, do not make it Remus/Severus unless the Remus/Tonks is accounted for and in the spirit in which the original author intended.

We're going to base this on the hp_remix format, in which all participants write a drabble (and I do mean a story in 100 words [and seriously, not more than 150, or I'm sending it back]), send it to me, and then I shuffle 'em around and pass 'em out amongst the participants for expansion into longer stories (minimum=500 words). (And no, no assigned pairings - I didn't get what that was supposed to be about - the drabble itself will give you a pairing, or not.)

Also, there is no "I don't write het/slash/gen/tentacle porn." If you are not comfortable with getting any option as an assignment, don't sign up.

Having said that, I will give you a one-pairing out, as in the one pairing featuring Remus you will not write (e.g., for me, that'd probably be Remus/Harry). And I'll even try to keep it in mind when I do the assignments.

The Skinny

Sign-ups will run from today, Monday, June 21, through Friday, June 25 Wednesday, June 30.

Drabbles will be due in to me at musesfool @ livejournal.com by Wednesday, June 30.

Assignments will be sent out by Friday July 2.

Remixes must be at least 500 words long.

Remixes will be posted on Sunday, August 8. (No, I'm not collecting the stories and making an archive - I will create an LJ community in which people may post their stories when the time comes, as well as in their own LJs or whatever.). No anonymity, because I don't see a need, though I'd like it if people kept quiet about their assignments in the writing.

At base, this is a fic exchange, so if you bail at the last minute, I will publicly call you on it. (Why yes, you are seeing the things I've learned from the Remix/Redux come into play here.)

What do you need to do?

So, if you wanna sign up, here's what you have to do:

Sometime before 12 midnight EDT on Friday, June 25 Wednesday, June 30, leave a comment on this post. Please include:

1. your name/writing pseud (if they're not the same thing)
2. a valid and working email address
3. One Remus-centric pairing you would prefer not to write. This is optional, of course.

4. You will send me [musesfool @ livejournal.com] one drabble featuring Remus in a starring role, by Wednesday, June 30. ETA: Please put Remus/Remix or something in the subject line - I delete all mail without subject lines when it comes from unfamiliar names.

5. You will receive from me someone else's drabble to expand into a full-fledged fic sometime on Friday, July 2.

6. You will post that full-fledged remix fic on Sunday, August 8.

People who don't have an LJ are most welcome to participate.

I think that's everything.

If you have any questions, please leave a comment or email me at musesfool @ livejournal.com.

Now come on and show Remus some love. You know he deserves it.